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What do I need to buy before I bring my new rabbit home?

A: Your shopping list should contain the following

Good quality hutch

The minimum recommended size for a hutch is 120 cm in length, 60cm in width, and 50cm in height. It is essential that your rabbit has the room to stretch in all directions. A rabbit hutch that’s too small can affect your rabbits health – causing muscle wastage and obesity.

West Pets

in Maddington sell very good quality hutches for 

very good prices. 

Wooden hutches are ideal for outside hutches cause it is easy to attach flyscreen.  Cages is ideal for inside since your rabbit have more interaction with you. 

It is difficult to flyscreen these hutches for they are ideal for inside, however; it is easy to put outside during cooler weather and to bring in on extremely hot days.

The cage can be purchased without a stand. It makes it easier for bunny to hop out and play and bounce back in to go eat or use the litter tray.

Large run or play pen

Rabbits should also be allowed out of their cage frequently unless your hutch have a play pen area already attached to it. Rabbits need to play and exercise in a safe environment.  A pet playpen is ideal for this purpose.

If you prefer to have a safer option then you can take your rabbit for a walk with a harness. They are available at pet stores.

Bedding material

You can use wood shavings or hay for bedding. Some people use shredded paper which is also a good idea. However, newspaper is not such a good idea. It stains their feet green due to the ink and is not absorbent enough to prevent puddles, etc.

Having said that, it is your choice and worthwhile trying different ways to see what works best for you.

Litter Tray

It is easy to train rabbits to use a litter tray and they do not take too much space in bunny’s hutch. Kmart sells litter trays for $4.

What to use in the litter tray
Stay clear of types of litter that aren’t suitable for rabbits, such as scented kitty litter. 

You can find a kitty litter that is made of recycled paper that is very effective for rabbits and is available from Coles and Woolworths.

Paper is not a good option as it is not absorbent enough and do not help with the smell either. Saw dust can be used, however, it is expensive and messy. 


Rabbits will need hay - any kind of hay is good, especially oaten hay - and a rabbit pellet mix available from pet stores. We sell 2.5kg and 3kg bags of food. Buying our special pellet mix will make the transition easier from our food to your food.

It also prevents bunny from stopping to eat all of a sudden, because they are not used to the new food.

Feeding bowl

Ensure you use a heavy feeding bowl of ceramic - not something that is too light - as bunnies like to play with it, tossing it in the air, scattering their food all over the hutch.

Water Bottle or Bowl

A water bottle, not smaller than 500ml, is ideal. A bottle is convenient if you do not want to change water daily. 

A water bowl is also efficient, however, hay and droppings sometimes fall in, forcing you to change their water at least once a day.

Pet Carrier

Q: What should I bring when I pick up my bunny?

A: Most people bring either a box or a carrier to put bunny in for the car ride. We suggest you do bring something, opposed to trying to hold them in your arms. 

You have to remember that car rides can be stressful for rabbits and if you add a stranger to the experience, it will be even more stressful.

You can place some hay or a towel/blanket in the bottom of the box/carrier. Bring a bit of hay for bunny to chew on, as it is good for them to chew on to relax during the car ride.

Do remember to put water in if you have a long car ride.

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