Droopy Ears Rabbitry

Breeder of Mini Lop Rabbits in Perth, WA

A non-refundable deposit  is required to hold the 

bunny of your choice. 

We normally ask that you provide a 50% deposit.



We provide the first Cylap vaccine when you buy a rabbit. 

The vaccine protects your rabbit from the Calici virus, 

offering full immunity from the two previous strains RHDV1 

and RHDV1A. 

Rabbit Food

We sell rabbit food in 2.7 kg bags. 

Our little baby rabbits are used to our special mix. 

Familiarity with it will help to wean your new baby from our food to your food gradually and effortlessly. 

Significantly reducing the risk of upset tummies, with no rejection of new unfamiliar food.  

Nutritious food with lots of supplements and vitamins
needed for growing babies.  


We provide boarding services if you're going away for a night or a longer holiday.

Please contact us to find out more about our boarding facilities
Tel. 0424580912 

Mini Lops

For Sale
Currently no viewings 

due to me working in age care 


 being very causious

 Also will find homes to people who do 

not mind the sex of the babies

Just to make things easier

So purely colour choices


Doe 2 Magpies (left and right side)

and 1 Chinchilla (middle)

Ready to go to new home end April


2 Chocolate Torte 

Ready to go to new home middle June

Hutches for Sale

Hutches made by a friend $90

Call Trish  Tel. 0417533476

Quality of work excellent 

Pick up Carramar 

Height 0.78 m 

Depth 0.47 m 

Length 1.280 m


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  • "I am sooo happy to have found droopy ears rabbitry because my little bunny'Hutchy' is the cutest bunny who also has such a great personality. I am so grateful to annelize for al..."
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