Droopy Ears Rabbitry

Breeder of Mini Lop Rabbits in Perth, WA

The Story of Droopy Ears Rabbitry
Droopy Ears Rabbitry was brought about by our family's 

fascination with our first pet rabbit, Donut. He was a beautiful Mini Lop, and his antics in our backyard kept us entertained for hours no end. 

As we started to explore the possibility of breeding with our lovely little bunny, we came into contact with reputable breeders in and around Perth and Australia who were willing to share the many intricacies of breeding good quality Mini 
Lop rabbits with us. 

Our aim is to supply families in Perth with excellent quality pet rabbits, specializing in Mini Lop rabbits. 

We concentrate on not only good type but also on temperament. 

Rabbits are beautiful, cuddly and fun loving pets. 
A source of joy for the whole family. 

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